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Alles über Highlights in Ihrem Haar: Farbtechniken und Trends

bis Lotte Lindgren auf Jun 08, 2023

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Highlights in the hair are a popular way to add dimension and depth to your hair. There are different coloring techniques that can be used to create highlights in the hair, and it is important to find the right technique for your personal style. In this article, we'll explore all about highlights in your hair, including the best color techniques and trends right now. Read on for more information!

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What are highlights in the hair?

Highlights in the hair refers to a coloring technique which creates different shades and depths in your hair. It can be light reflections or dark stripes, as desired. One of the most popular techniques is called balayage , where the color is applied with a freehand technique to create a natural look.

Balayage is a popular highlight technique that creates natural shades and depths in the hair.

This coloring technique requires the experience and expertise of a professional hairdresser to achieve the desired result. Highlights can also help liven up dull hair or accentuate your features better.

How do highlights work in hair?

Hair highlights are a popular coloring technique that adds light and depth to your hair. The process of adding color to the hair to create highlights often involves the use of techniques such as balayage, foil or ombre. With these techniques, the hairdresser applies the color selectively in certain areas of the hair to achieve the desired reflective colours.

The light will reflect differently depending on the color of your natural hair as well as the color chosen. For example, light streaks will be more visible on dark hair than light-haired people's hair. The balayage technique is ideal for those seeking a more subtle look, while foiling can produce more dramatic results.

To summarize, reflectors work using a variety of techniques and colors to create the desired look. It is important to consider your natural hair color and texture as well as the options you have before choosing which method suits you best.

Different types of highlights

Natural blonde highlights and more dramatic, colorful options are both popular choices among women when it comes to highlights in their hair. While some prefer subtle tones for a more discreet look, others choose to go for the bolder neon colors. The choice of color depends entirely on the individual's personal style and preference.

For a natural-looking effect, it is important to balance the undertones in the selected shades. There are different techniques to achieve this result such as streaks or bright balayage highlights. Whichever method you choose, it should always be done with care and professional expertise to avoid damage to the hair.

Color techniques for highlights

is a great way to give your hair a new and trendy look. Balayage is one of the most popular techniques where the color is applied to the hair with a freehand technique to create natural and beautiful transitions. Ombre also gives an elegant look by gradually fading colors from darker to lighter tones.

Foil stripes can be more precise as it allows for accurate placement of the color application. The freehand technique requires experience, but can create unique and personal results. With the help of these techniques, your highlights will look great, regardless of whether you want discreet or sensational effects in your hair - depending on your style!


Balayage is a coloring technique that creates a natural and sun-kissed look. It suits different hair types and requires less maintenance than other techniques. The color is applied with a freehand technique, which gives the opportunity to adapt the color individually to each customer's hair color and desired look. The result is subtle reflections in the hair that look as if they have been brightened by the sun.

With balayage you achieve a more natural result compared to traditional foil streaks or ombre techniques. Balayage can be used on both light and dark hair - it's just a matter of finding the right balance between the color intensity and your skin tone. Since the technique requires less maintenance than other methods, your reflexes will last longer without looking worn or unnatural over time.

You can read more about balayge here.



Colored gradually from light to darker tones, ombre is a popular coloring technique. It can give the hair a dramatic and durable look, or it can be used to create a more subtle look. Ombre is suitable for long hair, where the color transitions fall naturally in the strands.

Some of the benefits of ombre include:

  • Reduced need for frequent touch-up
  • Can be achieved with both warm and cool color tones
  • Suitable for different hair types and textures

Detailed planning and technical skill are necessary to achieve the desired result with this technique. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek professional assistance from a trained hairdresser or colourist.

Foil striper

Precise color placement is one of the biggest advantages of foil stripes. The technique makes it possible to place the color exactly where it is desired and creates a more defined look in the hair. Foil stripes are also suitable for short and medium-long hair.

Foil stripes also allow for several colors in the same look. By using different shades, you can achieve a more nuanced and dimensional effect in the hair. This technique is perfect for those who want a little extra depth or interest in their natural color or want to try something new without going all-in on a whole new color.

The freehand technique

The freehand technique is a coloring technique that gives a more natural look than foil stripes. The technique is achieved by using freehand techniques which create unique results every time. However, it requires skilled technical skills to perform the technique correctly.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of


  • Creates a more natural transition between hair colors
  • Unique result every time
  • Can be adapted to individual wishes


  • Requires skilled technical skills from the hairdresser
  • The result may vary depending on the skills and experience of the hairdresser

Trends in hair highlights

Highlights in the hair have become a popular way to add color and depth to one's hair without having to do a full dye. A trend that has been noticed is the natural look with reflections. This technique uses different shades of one's own hair color to create subtle and soft transitions between the colors.

Another trend in hair highlights includes pastel colors. This can be anything from pink to purple or blue - and it allows for creativity and individualism. For those who want something more solid, silver gray reflectors have also proved popular. These elegant tones can add a sophisticated touch to any hairstyle. 

You can read more about hair color here . 

The natural look with highlights

Reflections in the hair can give a nice and natural look, and there are different techniques to achieve this. The balayage technique is popular as it creates a soft transition between the colors. The technique makes it possible to emphasize the face in a discreet way, while maintaining one's own expression. The sombre technique is similar to balayage, but here you use more contrast between the colors to create more depth in the hair.

The foil technique can also be used for reflections in the hair. Here, foils are placed in small or large sections of the hair to isolate them and ensure an even result. The advantage of this method is that you can precisely control how much lightening or color change is desired on the selected areas of the hair.

Regardless of which technique you choose for your highlights, you should always consult a professional hairdresser for advice on the best solution for your hair type and your needs.

Pastel colors

Pink, purple and blue pastel highlights are currently one of the hottest hair trends in highlights. These colors add a subtle touch to your hair and are perfect for both light and dark shades. Pink pastel highlights are great for giving a feminine look, while purple pastel highlights can add depth and dimension to dark hair. Blue pastel highlights work well on lighter shades of blonde hair.

The pastel colors must be strategically placed in the hair to achieve the desired result. A professional hairstylist will be able to place the colors in a way that enhances your natural beauty and get you ready for the new season with stylish hair with highlights!

Silver gray highlights

Gray metallic tones are a popular trend at the moment when it comes to silver-grey highlights in the hair. These tones can give a cool and modern look that goes perfectly with any style. If you want to highlight the cool ashy silver tones in your hair even more, try adding lighter streaks using the 'balayage' technique. This gives a natural look and creates depth in the colour.

For those with darker hair, it may be more difficult to achieve the desired effect of silver roots in the dark base. But with an ombré or sombre technique, you can create a beautiful transition from the natural color to the delicate gray shades. It is important to find an experienced hairdresser who knows how to achieve this result in the best way - so always remember to ask for advice and guidance!

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