Sustainability at Yuaia Haircare

At Yuaia Haircare, we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously. We know that as a small company we may not have a big impact in the overall picture. But we believe and hope that with our initiatives we can help make a difference!



When we ship parcels to your home, we make sure that our shipping providers use the most climate-friendly method possible. We know it will never be climate-friendly, but we hope to get one step closer at a time.

Our shipping boxes we use to send your package are 85% recycled cardboard, so we leave as small a footprint on the earth as possible.

Recycling of materials

We recycle as much as possible of the various packaging we receive through our goods. This applies to everything from e.g. cardboard boxes, plastic and much more. We thereby give precious resources extra life.


In 2024, we will periodically replace discount campaigns with donation campaigns, so that through your purchases you can contribute to donating x number of kroner to a good cause.