Bamboo bedding set

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Sweat absorbing
Sustainable material
Allergy and environmentally friendly
Temperature regulating
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars

1-3 days delivery

1-3 days delivery

  • How do I wash bamboo bedding?

    Bamboo bedding should be washed on a delicate wash programme at a maximum of 30 degrees. You should use detergent for delicate washing and DO NOT tumble dry.

  • What size covers fit my duvet?

    Our bamboo bedding is available in 2 different sizes: 140 x 200 (normal) and 140 x 220 (long).

  • Does it close with buttons or a zip?

    Our bamboo bedding closes with a fine and discreet zip.

  • What does 'TC400' mean?

    When we talk about the TC of a material, we refer to the thread count, i.e. how tightly the fabric is woven. Most bamboo bed linen is woven with TC300, which is why you'll find that our bed linen (with TC400) has a higher quality and feels more luxurious.

  • Application
    Washing instructions and maintenance: With washing machine: You can easily wash our bamboo bed linen in your washing machine. Use a delicate wash programme at a maximum of 40 degrees, with low revs and make sure you use a detergent intended for delicates/silk. Do not use fabric softener and avoid tumble drying as it can cause the material to shrink. If your bamboo bed linen starts to lack lustre/softness, you can iron it at low heat. This will make the surface as smooth as new. ATTENTION: Bamboo is a natural and sensitive material and therefore it is inevitable that the fibres will shrink slightly during washing. Therefore, ONLY wash according to instructions. Oh no, a stain! If you are unlucky enough to have a stain on your bedding or pillowcase, DO NOT rub it off, as this can easily cause small colour changes in the fabric. Oil or grease stains should be removed by a professional dry cleaner as they are often more difficult to remove yourself. Otherwise, apply ordinary concentrated washing-up liquid to the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing as above.
  • Ingredients
    OEKO-TEX 100 certified bamboo material in 400 TC

Bamboo bedding

vs. other beddings

Gentle on skin and hair
Sustainable choice