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Deep Scalp Brush

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Stimulates blood flow to the hair
Removes dandruff, dirt, and product residue
Provides a luxurious scalp massage
Relieves tension in the scalp and neck
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Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • How do I use the brush?

    The brush can be used on both wet and dry hair. Massage the scalp and/or neck in circles with the massage brush. Can be used to massage shampoo into the scalp when washing hair.

  • Can it be used on wet and dry hair?

    The massage brush can be used on both wet and dry hair.

  • What does the Deep Scalp Brush help with?

    Cleanses the scalp of dandruff, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which increases hair growth and can reduce neck tension/headaches.

  • Application
    The brush can be used when washing your hair to lather and distribute shampoo through your hair while giving you a nice scalp massage. Helps to promote a healthier scalp. The brush can also be used by children to help them wash their hair.
  • Ingredients
    The brush is made of silicone and plastic.

Deep Scalp Brush

vs. other hairbrushes

Effective against dandruff
Cleanses the scalp
Stimulates blood flow to the scalp
30-day satisfaction guarantee