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by Kasper Lindgren on Feb 03, 2024

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Achieving the perfect blonde hair colour can sometimes seem like a big challenge. A study shows that blonde hair is one of the most desirable colours, but also one of the hardest to master.

This guide will walk you through choosing the right shade and give you tips on how to maintain a healthy and radiant light mane. Dive into the world of blonde and let's find your dream colour!

Article summary

  • To choose the best blonde hair colour, you need to know the undertones of your skin tone; warm undertones match well with golden blonde tones, while cool undertones suit ash and platinum blonde.
  • Use a purple tinted shampoo to neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair and a rich cream along the hairline to avoid colour imprints on the skin during colouring.
  • Avoid damage and dryness in your blonde hair by using gentle bleaching alternatives such as rinse colours, tinting colours or colour masks and always remember to perform an allergy test before using new hair colours.
  • Maintain your blonde hair colour with sulphate-free care products specially designed for blonde hair and use a deep conditioning hair mask regularly for extra care and shine.
  • Refresh your blonde hair colour at home properly by carefully following the hair colour instructions and using coloured hair products that protect against fading and provide nourishment.

How to choose the right blonde hair colour

By determining whether your skin tone has warm or cool undertones, you can choose the right blonde hair colour that will suit you best. There are four popular shades for blonde hair: dark blonde, light blonde, golden blonde and ash blonde, as well as the bold platinum blonde colour.

Warm or cold undertone

Choosing between a warm or cool undertone in your blonde hair colour can make a big difference to your look. If you have a warmer skin tone, a golden blonde or honey blonde hair colour will bring out your natural glow.

These golden tones add warmth and life to your hair and can brighten up your entire face. On the other hand, a cool undertone like ash blonde or platinum blonde is great for those with a cooler skin tone.

The cool tones in these blonde shades help neutralise yellow tones and give your hair a fresh, modern twist. Make sure to consider your undertone carefully as it will guide you to the most flattering blonde hair colour for you.

The 4 hottest shades for blonde hair

When it comes to choosing the perfect shade for blonde hair, there are four hot colours that stand out. Golden blonde is ideal for those looking for a warm and radiant look.

On the other hand, ash blonde offers a cooler tone that can be perfect for those with a colder skin tone. Dark blonde is a popular option for those who want to experiment with a darker look, while platinum blonde offers a bold statement colour that really stands out.

These shades offer a wide range of options for blonde hair to suit different skin tones and personal preferences.

Dark blonde hair colour

After researching the hottest shades for blonde hair, you may find that dark blonde hair colour catches your attention. Dark blonde hair colour is a beautiful shade that adds depth and dimension to your hair.

This colour is perfect for those who want to maintain a natural tone while still creating warmth and dimension in their look. Dark blonde hair colour works well with different skin tones and can be a great choice for women with lighter hair who want to try a darker shade without going all the way to brown.

By choosing dark blonde hair colour, you can achieve an elegant and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion.

Dark blonde hair colour can be a great alternative for those looking to upgrade their blonde locks with a subtle change. This shade has the perfect balance of light and dark, making it versatile and timeless.

Light blonde hair colour

Light blonde hair colour is a beautiful shade that can brighten your appearance and add a natural glow to your hair. This colour suits people with a lighter skin tone and has the ability to create a soft and romantic look.

It's important to choose the right shade of light blonde to suit your skin tone for the best results. When colouring your hair light blonde at home, make sure to use products specifically designed to maintain the light colour.

To avoid unwanted yellow or golden tones in your light blonde hair, consider using a purple rinse colour that counteracts these shades effectively. It's a good idea to consult a professional hairdresser if you're unsure which shade of light blonde is best for you.

Golden blonde hair colour

Golden blonde hair colour is great for those with warm undertones in their skin. This shade gives a sun-kissed effect that can brighten the face. To achieve the perfect golden blonde hair colour, you can choose a colour close to your natural hair colour with warm highlights.

Golden blonde hair colour can help counteract unwanted yellow tones in the hair and create a beautiful, warm glow.

To maintain the golden blonde hair colour, it's important to use products specifically designed for light hair. Make sure to avoid shampoos and conditioners that can intensify yellow or brassy tones in the hair.

Ash blonde hair colour

Ash blonde hair colour is perfect for neutralising unwanted warm tones in blonde hair. This shade adds a cool elegance to your look and can create a subtle, natural look or a bolder statement colour.

Ash blonde is ideal for those who want to achieve a uniform and ascetic colour without yellow or golden undertones. It's important to find the right shade of ash blonde to suit your skin tone for the best results.

When colouring your hair ash blonde at home, it's important to use a quality dye that is specifically formulated to achieve this shade. Also, remember to follow all instructions carefully to avoid unevenly coloured hair.

Platinum blonde hair colour

When you want to create a bold look with your blonde hair, a platinum blonde hair colour can be the perfect option to achieve an eye-catching style. This ultra-bright shade has a cool undertone that brings out the beauty of blonde hair.

Platinum blonde hair colour can be flattering for many skin tones and can give a sophisticated and modern look. With the use of quality products and proper maintenance, platinum blonde hair colour can be maintained in its radiant state and avoid unwanted yellow undertones.

To achieve the best results with platinum blonde hair colour, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional hairdresser, especially if your hair has already been coloured. This will ensure that the colour is applied correctly and gently, minimising any damage to the hair.

Be careful with hair bleaching

Hair bleaching can have risks and side effects, so it's important to be aware of alternatives. Read on for more tips on the perfect hair colour for blonde hair.

Risks and side effects

If you choose to bleach your hair at home, you can expose it to risks and side effects. This can include hair damage such as dryness and breakage, as well as scalp irritation.

The chemicals in the bleach can also be strong and cause discomfort or allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and perform an allergy test before applying the product to the entire hair.

When you bleach your hair, it can also change its structure and make it more vulnerable to environmental influences. Therefore, if you're considering bleaching your hair at home, it's important to be aware of these potential risks and side effects.

Alternatives to bleaching

For those who want to avoid the risks and side effects that can come with hair bleaching, there are alternatives. One option is to use a rinse-out dye that can add a touch of colour without altering the natural pigment of the hair.

Another option is to choose a tinting colour that can adjust the shade of your hair without having to resort to the intensive process of bleaching. There are also colour masks and colour foaming products on the market that can bring a new dimension to hair colour without the need for bleaching.

These alternatives can be suitable for those who want to avoid the potential damage and hair dryness that often comes with bleaching. By exploring these alternatives, you can achieve a new hair colour without having to go through the demanding process of bleaching.

Maintaining and caring for blonde hair

To maintain the perfect blonde hair colour, it's important to use products specifically designed for light hair and avoid yellow or green shades. Read more about blonde hair maintenance and care on our blog.

How to use products for light coloured hair

When using products for light hair, choose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair. These products help maintain the shine of the hair colour and prevent unwanted yellow tones.

A purple tinted shampoo or conditioner can also be effective in counteracting yellow undertones, as purple neutralises yellow hues in the hair.

When it comes to styling products, consider using products that protect against heat, as heat styling can affect the durability of hair colour. Additionally, you may want to invest in a leave-in conditioner or oil to maintain hair health and shine.

Avoiding yellow or green tint

After colouring your blonde hair, it's important to avoid an unwanted yellow or green tinge. Use a silver shampoo with purple pigments to neutralise yellow hues and maintain a cool blonde colour.

Be careful to avoid overuse, as this can result in a purple colour tone.

To prevent green tones in your hair, avoid exposing it to chlorinated water, especially if you swim in the pool. It is also recommended to use products with UV protection to prevent sun fading and maintain the desired hair colour.

Refreshing your hair colour at home

When your blonde hair colour starts to fade, you can easily refresh it at home by using a toning shampoo or colour conditioner. These products help maintain the desired blonde shade and counteract yellow or golden undertones.

Use them regularly to extend the life of your hair colour.

It's also important to avoid excessive hair washing, as this can worsen the fading of your blonde hair colour. Instead of washing your hair every day, switch to a mild sulphate-free shampoo specifically designed for blonde hair.

Hair colouring at home - tips and tricks

Read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes during colouring. Do an allergy test to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction from the hair colour.

Read the user manual carefully

Before colouring your hair at home, read the instructions carefully. By following the manufacturer's instructions, you can avoid unwanted results and damage to your hair. The instructions contain important steps, including how long the colour should stay in the hair, how to apply it and what aftercare is needed.

Ignoring these instructions can result in uneven colouring or even damage your hair. Therefore, it's crucial to prioritise reading the instructions for best results.

When choosing your hair colour, be sure to read the instructions carefully. This will give you the information you need to achieve the desired colour and avoid unwanted shades.

Take an allergy test

Once you've read the instructions carefully and are ready to colour your hair at home, it's important to remember to do an allergy test. This will ensure that you avoid any unwanted reactions or scalp irritations.

To perform the test, apply a small amount of hair dye behind the ear or on the inside of the elbow and let it sit for 48 hours. Then watch for any signs of redness, itching or swelling, which could indicate an allergic reaction.

When performing the allergy test, you may want to wear gloves to avoid contact with the dye. It's also important to remember not to rinse the area immediately after application in order to observe any reactions during the 48 hours.

Apply colour with a comb

When applying hair colour with a comb, it's important to start with clean, dry hair. Divide the hair into sections and apply the colour evenly by pulling the comb through the hair. Make sure you cover all areas thoroughly for an even result.

Gently massage the colour into the hair to ensure it is evenly distributed. After applying the colour, leave it on for the specified time and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

By using a comb, you can easily achieve an even colour distribution and avoid spots or unevenness. It's a convenient way to apply colour at home and achieve professional results.

Use a rich cream to avoid colour marks on the skin

Apply a thick cream along your hairline and ears before colouring to prevent the colour from staining your skin. Gently massage the cream into your skin, making sure to cover all areas that may come into contact with the hair colour.

The cream forms a barrier between the skin and the colour, making it easier to remove any stains after colouring.

Remember to use a rich cream without water or alcohol, as these ingredients can make the skin more susceptible to colour marks. Also, make sure to remove any excess cream so that it doesn't affect the colouring process.

Caring for coloured hair to maintain the colour

After colouring, it's important to use special products for coloured hair to preserve and prolong hair colour. Use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner to help preserve colour and protect against discolouration.

Avoid frequent hair washing as it can dry out and fade the colour. It is also recommended to use a deep conditioning hair mask once a week to provide extra care and maintain the colour's shine.

Conclusion and recommendations

The range of blonde hair colours is vast, but finding the perfect shade doesn't have to be a challenge. Pay attention to your skin tone and eye colour to choose the right warm or cool blonde hair colour that suits you.

Avoid yellow and green tones by choosing the right tones and maintaining your hair colour properly. Carefully consider the pros and cons of bleaching your hair and research the alternatives.

Finally, when colouring your hair at home, it's important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid unwanted results. By taking these considerations into account and making informed choices, you can ensure your blonde hair colour always looks radiant.

Maintaining blonde hair requires regular attention and care. Use products specifically designed for light hair to maintain the freshness of the colour and avoid yellow tones. Refresh your hair colour at home with the right products and avoid unnecessary damage to your hair by choosing gentle alternatives to bleaching.

Understanding your options and knowing how to best care for your blonde hair will help you maintain the perfect colour and a healthy mane.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I choose the right blonde hair colour?

To choose the perfect blonde hair colour, consider your natural hair colour, whether you want a light or golden shade and whether you want to colour your hair at home or at the salon.

2. Can I get blonde hair colour without bleaching my hair?

Yes, if you have light hair you can achieve a blonde colour without bleaching, but for dark brown hair it may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

3. What do I do if I want to counteract yellow tones in my blonde hair?

You can use a purple rinse to neutralise yellow tones and achieve a beautiful ash blonde colour for your blonde hair.

4. Is there a guide to colouring blonde hair at home?

Yes, there are hair colour guides that explain step-by-step how you can colour your blonde hair at home and achieve a professional hairstyle.

5. Can I go from light to dark hair with blonde hair colour?

Blonde hair colour is typically used to lighten hair, but if you want to go from light to dark blonde, you can choose a dark blonde hair colour without bleaching.

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