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Broken hair: Everything you need to know about causes and treatment

by Christoffer Thorsager on Apr 09, 2023

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Having healthy and beautiful hair is something that many people strive for. But what happens when the hair becomes dry and breaks? Brittle hair is a common problem that can lead to hair damage, taming and split ends. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the causes of broken hair and how to treat it.

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What is broken hair?

Broken hair is when the hair has become dry and brittle, which can lead to breakage. It is a condition where the hair becomes weak and breaks easily, especially when exposed to heat or chemicals. Broken hair can occur on any hair type and can be a result of various factors such as over-treatment, poor diet, external factors such as hair dryers, straighteners, chemical products and environmental conditions.

Causes of broken hair

Broken hair can be caused by various factors, including:

Overuse of heat styling

Over-processing the hair can be one of the main causes of broken hair. This may include over using hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and other heat styling tools. Dyeing, bleaching the hair , permanent chemical treatments and frequent shampooing can also lead to over-processing of the hair, which can lead to broken hair.

Bad diet

A poor diet can also lead to broken hair. Lack of important vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin B , C and D can affect the health of the hair and lead to broken hair.

External factors

External factors such as exposure to sun, wind and chlorinated water can also lead to broken hair. Environmental factors such as pollution and humidity can also affect hair health and lead to breakage.

Treatment of broken hair

Treating broken hair requires a combination of healthy diet, proper hair care and avoiding over-treatment. Here are some tips for treating broken hair:

Cut the hair

Trimming the hair regularly can help remove the damaged and split ends and make the hair healthier. This can also reduce the risk of broken hair in the future.

Use a gentle shampoo

Use a mild shampoo and avoid frequent shampooing to avoid over-treating the hair. Choose a shampoo that is specially formulated for damaged hair, as this can help repair the strands. Here we can really recommend our Repair and Care shampoo , which is sulfate- and silicone-free and full of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

Use a conditioner

Use a conditioner after shampooing to help restore hair's natural oils and moisture. This can also help reduce the risk of broken hair.

Avoid heat styling

Avoid the use of heat styling tools such as hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. If you need to use heat styling tools, use a heat protectant spray and avoid using them too often.

Use a hair mask

Use a hair mask once a week to give your hair an extra moisture boost. A hair mask can also help strengthen the hair and reduce the risk of breakage.

Get a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B, C, D and iron, which can help maintain normal hair health and reduce the risk of breakage. Vitamins and minerals are important for your hair and general health, if you are interested in knowing more about which vitamins and minerals are good for hair, read here .

A healthy diet is important for hair

Prevention of broken hair

Preventing breakage involves taking some simple steps to protect your hair from damage and over-processing. Here are some tips to prevent broken hair:

Choose hair care products carefully

Choose hair care products that are specially formulated for your hair type and avoid products that contain aggressive chemicals that can damage the hair. Here we can especially recommend our repair and care products. These products are formulated to repair and provide moisture and care to hair that is dry with a tendency to break.

Protect your hair from heat styling

Protect your hair from heat styling by using a heat protection spray and avoid using heat styling tools too often. In this way, you ensure that the strands of hair do not become more dried out than they already are. If you want to read more about heat protection for the hair, read here .

Protect your hair from the sun

Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat or scarf when you are out in the sun for a long time. Also use hair care products that contain UV protection.

Cut hair regularly

Trim the hair regularly to remove the damaged and split ends and make the hair healthier.

Brittle hair is a common condition that can affect all hair types and lead to hair damage and in some cases hair loss. The causes of broken hair can be overtreatment with heat styling, poor diet and external factors such as sun and wind. Treating broken hair involves a combination of healthy diet, proper hair care and avoiding over-treatment. Preventing breakage involves taking some simple steps to protect your hair from damage and over-processing.

FAQ about broken hair

Can broken hair be cured?

Brittle hair can be healed using a combination of healthy diet, proper hair care and avoiding over-treatment. It is important to remember that it can take time to restore hair health, especially if it has been subjected to repeated damage over a long period of time.

How can I prevent broken hair?

You can prevent breakage by taking some simple steps to protect your hair from damage and over-processing. Choose hair care products specially formulated for your hair type, avoid heat styling and protect your hair from the sun and external factors.

Can I use oil to treat broken hair?

Yes, you can use oil to treat broken hair. Oil can help add moisture to the hair and make it more resistant to damage. Coconut oil , argan oil and jojoba oil are good choices.

What should I do if my hair is very damaged?

If your hair is very damaged, it may be a good idea to visit a professional hairdresser or hair care expert for advice on the best treatment for your hair. It may also be necessary to cut the hair shorter to remove the damaged ends.

Can I dye my hair if it's broken?

It may be best to avoid coloring your hair if it is broken, as coloring can lead to further damage and taming. If you do want to dye your hair, you should seek advice from a professional hairdresser to find the best coloring method and product for your hair type.

Don't Let Hair Breakage Bring You Down: Why Healthy Hair Matters

Split ends, frizz, dullness – these signs of broken hair aren't just aesthetic woes. Broken hair can be a sign of deeper hair health problems. And it can lead to even more damage if left untreated. Healthy hair also requires a healthy scalp. Breakage can sometimes be a sign of an irritated or unhealthy scalp. Taking care of your hair promotes overall scalp health. It reduces itching and discomfort. A healthy scalp means happy hair – it's a win-win!

You might be tempted to focus on how to fix broken hair. However, let's explore why preventing it in the first place is ideal.

●      Healthy Hair Means Strong Hair

Healthy hair is strong hair. It resists breakage, tangles less, and holds styles better. Strong hair bounces back from brushing and styling. And it is less prone to split ends and breakage caused by everyday wear and tear. It is also easier to manage. It styles better, holds curls or waves for longer. And it is less prone to frizz. This saves you time and frustration in the morning routine. You do not need to wrestle with a tangled mess. Nourished hair lets you style with ease.

●      Healthy Hair Grows Long and Shines Brighter

Healthy hair has the potential to grow longer and stronger. It also reflects light beautifully. It gives it a natural shine. Broken hair weakens and breaks easily. It hinders its growth potential. It also appears dull and lifeless. Broken hair also makes you look and feel less confident. Taking care of your hair prevents breakage. It allows it to reach its full length and boosts your overall appearance. Having good quality hair is necessary to achieving your hair goals.

●      Healthy Hair Has Less Breakage or Split Ends

Broken hair is frizzy hair. And nobody wants a permanent case of bedhead. Split ends and damage cause the hair cuticle (outer layer) to lift. Split ends travel up the hair strand, causing further damage. It makes the hair appear frizzy and unkempt. Healthy and nourished hair has a smooth cuticle. It results in a sleek, polished look. It also has strong, intact ends that resist splitting. It keeps your hair looking healthy and polished. No more split ends will steal your shine. And you will no longer need to spend time on figuring out how to repair broken hair.

●      Healthy Hair Requires Less Time Brushing

Healthy and good quality hair tangles less. It allows you to brush and comb easily. This saves you time and reduces the risk of breakage caused by tugging on tangled strands. All the extra minutes you save from managing your hair, you can utilize them in something useful. You could be sleeping in, grabbing coffee with a friend, or doing whatever makes you happy. Healthy and well-nourished hair gives you that precious time back.

●      Healthy Hair Absorbs Color Better

Healthy hair absorbs hair color better and holds it longer. Broken and damaged hair is more prone to color fading and uneven dye application. Taking care of your hair ensures your color looks vibrant and lasts longer. You can expect to get compliments on your stunning hair color all the time. Healthy and good quality hair makes that a reality. And you must invest your time and effort in your hair health.

●      Healthy Hair Gives You Confidence Boost

Healthy hair can boost your confidence in a major way. When your hair looks and feels its best, you feel more confident and put-together. Strong hair allows you to flaunt it and it makes a positive first impression. It adds a touch of polish to your look. You will be walking into every room like you own the place. Healthy and good quality hair is your secret weapon for confidence.

By understanding the benefits of healthy hair and the drawbacks of breakage, you can make informed choices about your hair care routine. Remember, prevention can save you from trouble! Invest in healthy habits and watch your hair transform into its strong, shiny, and beautiful best. There's no need for a break-up with your hair – with a little care, you can have a healthy relationship with your locks for years to come.


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