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Protein for the hair - How to use a protein regimen for the hair

by Lotte Lindgren on Mar 08, 2023

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Do you want stronger and healthier hair? Your hair is exposed to lots of things every day such as dyeing, blow-drying, various styling products... It can take a lot of wear and tear on the hair in the long run if you want to maintain your strong and healthy hair. Here, protein treatments can be a fantastic way to give your hair an extra boost. From improved elasticity to less breakage and fewer split ends, protein treatments can help you achieve the look and feel you want.

Not only do they strengthen hair from the inside out, but they can also protect your hair from environmental damage, leaving it shinier and more radiant. In this blog post, we'll discuss why protein treatments are so beneficial for healthy hair, how often you should get them done, and what type of treatment is right for your specific needs. So if you want to take your mane to the next level, read on!

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What is a protein hair treatment?

A protein hair treatment is a type of in-depth hair treatment designed to strengthen and repair the hair. It usually contains proteins, amino acids and other caring ingredients that help rebuild the natural structure of the hair strands.

Protein hair treatments are ideal for dry, brittle or damaged hair as they help restore elasticity, reduce breakage and split ends and improve overall texture and softness. These treatments typically contain hydrolyzed proteins such as keratin, wheat protein, silk protein and collagen, which provide essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Protein hair treatment can have many different shapes and sizes. You can actually make a homemade protein hair treatment quite simply, but you can also get a specially developed protein hair treatment adapted to your hair. I review my favorite protein hair regimen tips further down in this article.

Why are proteins important for hair?

Proteins are an important component of hair, as they provide strength and elasticity. Proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids, which give hair structure and help it stay strong and healthy. The protein keratin is particularly important for hair. In fact, our hair is mainly made up of the protein keratin, so this protein is particularly important. It helps to give strength and structure to our hair. You can read more about keratin for hair here 

Without enough protein in the hair, it can become dry, brittle and prone to breakage and split ends. This is why it is so important to eat a balanced diet high in protein to maintain healthy hair.

Other proteins that are particularly beneficial for hair include wheat, collagen and elastin, which provide flexibility to the hair shaft, cysteine, which helps strengthen the hair shaft, and keratins, which promote healthy cuticle layers. All these proteins play an important role in keeping our hair vibrant, shiny and healthy.

How does a protein hair treatment work?

A protein hair regimen works to nourish and strengthen the hair by supplying it with important proteins that it may be lacking. The proteins penetrate the hair shaft and fill any gaps in the cuticle layer, which strengthens the structure of the hair shaft. This helps reduce breakage and damage while leaving hair softer, smoother and shinier.

In addition to repairing existing damage, protein treatments can increase elasticity, helping to prevent further damage caused by styling tools or exposure to heat or chemicals. In addition, they help to maintain the moisture balance in the hair so that it does not become too dry or brittle. The proteins also protect against environmental stress factors such as UV rays. Ultimately, regular use of a protein treatment helps keep your hair healthy and looking great.

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How often should I use a protein hair treatment?

A protein hair regimen should be used once every two weeks. It is important to use a protein hair regimen as part of your regular hair care routine, as proteins are important for healthy, strong and nourished hair. When using a protein hair treatment, it is best to apply the product from the ends of the hair up towards the scalp. Let the product work for approx. 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. If you have very damaged or weak hair that needs more intensive rebuilding, you can increase the frequency to once a week, but not more than that, as overusing protein treatments can cause damage instead of repairing them.

It is also incredibly important to always use protein hair treatment after shampoo and, more importantly, to finish with a conditioner. It is best if these products contain lots of moisture and care. This is to ensure the hair is not fragile afterwards.

How to test if your hair needs protein

One way to test if your hair needs protein is to do a protein-moisture balance. This is done by wetting a strand of hair and stretching it out. If the hair shaft stretches more than usual and breaks easily, it indicates that your hair has a low protein content and needs extra nourishment.

To further test for protein deficiency, you can perform an elasticity test. In this case, simply pull one of your hairs gently between two fingers and release it again. If the strand returns to its original state tightly, your hair's elasticity is healthy; but if the strand remains stretched after being released, it indicates that your hair needs protein.

Additionally, another sign that may indicate that your hair needs extra protein is split ends or knots with single strands throughout the hair shaft. All of these signs can be indicators that you should consider adding a protein treatment to help strengthen and nourish your locks from within.

The best protein hair treatment

Looking for the ultimate protein hair treatment? Then you don't have to look much further, the Grow and Glow Hair Mask contains both hydrolyzed wheat protein and keratin, which rebuilds and strengthens the hair strand. In addition to that, there is also an award-winning ingredient in it called Capilia Longa. It helps reduce hair loss and increase hair density. So here you really get a powerful product with some of the best ingredients you can get! It's really worth a try, you definitely won't regret it.

How to make a protein hair treatment at home

A protein hair regimen is an excellent way to nourish and strengthen your hair and promote healthy growth. It's easy and economical to make your own protein hair regimen at home, and it can be tailored to your hair's specific needs.

To make a protein hair treatment at home, you need: an egg, a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil , a shower cap or a plastic bag.

First, beat the egg in a small bowl and mix it well with a fork or whisk. Once mixed together smoothly, add honey and oil and mix again until all ingredients are combined into a paste-like consistency.

Then use your hands to apply the mixture evenly throughout your damp hair - making sure not to miss the ends - and massage it in for 2-3 minutes before tying it up in a bun or wearing a shower cap or plastic bag . Leave the mask on your head for 20-30 minutes while you relax (or do other tasks around the house!).

Finally, wash off the treatment with lukewarm water before shampooing and conditioner as usual. This simple yet effective protein hair regimen can be done every other week for maximum benefits!

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