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Greasy hair - How to get rid of greasy hair and scalp

by Lotte Lindgren on Apr 18, 2021

Read through by Dorthe Kristensen

Hairdresser and former co-owner of the award-winning hairdressing chain Zoom by Zoom
With many years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Dorthe has advised many customers about hair and hair care. Dorthe has read through this blog entry to ensure high quality and professionalism. This blog post is professionally updated on April 9, 2024.

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Avoid greasy hair and scalp

Do you suffer from an oily scalp? Does your hair often hang flat and heavy on your head? Greasy hair can be a real nightmare and it can have negative consequences for your self-confidence. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the nightmare. Read here how!

Do you also find that your hair looks greasy even though you wash it often? And do you often feel that your hairstyle looks flat and slapped? Then you are not alone. Lots of Danes suffer from greasy hair, but it can still be hugely frustrating.

Would you like to have a beautiful and grease-free hairstyle? Then you've come to the right place! The market for hair products is huge and they all promise gold and green forests. Unfortunately, not all products and techniques are equally good – and some can even make the problems worse. So read along here and find out what you can do to bring back the shine to your gorgeous hair!

    What does it mean to have greasy hair?

    When you have oily hair, your locks often look limp, flat and dark. It becomes more difficult to make a nice hairstyle. And you might think that your hair looks unwashed and dirty.

    Since the fat usually comes from the scalp, it starts at the hair roots. This means that it is the top of your head that gets the oil first and then it moves down the hair shafts.

    Is there a connection between greasy hair and an itchy scalp?

    Most people associate itching and irritation with a dry scalp, but the reverse can also be the case. If your scalp is oily, it can result in the production of dandruff . And oily dandruff on the scalp can be extremely itchy.

    Therefore, don't immediately think that you have a dry scalp just because it itches. It could just as easily be the other way around. Therefore, check your scalp before choosing whether to look for solutions for dry or oily hair.

    Why do you get greasy hair?

    There can be several different reasons why your hair becomes greasy. And sometimes it happens due to a combination of several things. Below you can read about the most common reasons why hair clumps together and becomes boring to look at. And then you can see if you can recognize some of them from your own everyday life.  

    You wash your hair too often

    Have you also tried taking a thorough shower, but still get greasy hair after day one? You may think that your hair becomes dull because you are not thorough enough in the bath, but it is actually the other way around. You can easily get greasy hair after washing if you wash it too often.

    Your scalp is full of natural oils. It's what keeps your tresses healthy and shiny. But an overproduction of these oils can make your hairstyle look greasy. Therefore, it can help to wash the hair to remove the oils.

    BUT! If you wash your hair too often, you remove too many of the natural oils. Therefore, the body begins to produce larger and larger amounts to compensate, and this results in greasier hair. It thus becomes a vicious circle where you wash and wash and where the body produces more and more oil.

    You have fine and straight hair

    Your hair type naturally plays a big role in how your hairstyle looks. And it also plays a role in how quickly it is slapped after a wash. If your hair is smooth and fine, the fat slides easily from the scalp down the hair shafts. There is no curl or rough texture to stop it.

    You are using the wrong hair products

    Unfortunately, not all care products are equally good if you suffer from an oily scalp. Some ingredients can contribute to making your hair more oily and moist. And that is the opposite of what you want!

    That is why we have developed the Grow and Glow series . Here you get a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair serum with natural ingredients that keep your hair beautiful and healthy. And they can also help you avoid an oily and matted hairstyle!

    Our Grow and Glow range contains ingredients that strengthen the microflora of the hair, so you get a balanced scalp. And it keeps track of the natural oils in the scalp, so there is neither too much nor too little.

    Your lifestyle and diet also play a role

    Hair grows from the inside out – and therefore your lifestyle also plays a big role in problems with the hairstyle and the scalp! If you live on fast food and perhaps also get too little sleep, you will soon be able to feel it on your hair. The body needs the right nutrients to make the hair healthy and beautiful.

    If you want to ensure that your body can produce normal hair, you can eat hair vitamins. They contain e.g. biotin, which i.a. contributes to maintaining normal hair. In addition, they taste delicious of strawberries, so you rarely forget them.

    Hormonal changes

    Hormones may be the cause of your greasy hair. Your sebaceous glands can become overactive and produce an excessive amount of sebum as a result of hormonal changes in your body. When hormonal imbalances occur, many people experience, among other things, pimples on the scalp .

    It is typical for young people to have a lot of hormones running amok, but when it comes to adults, there are often certain reasons why the body's hormones work inappropriately.

    Be aware of these things, which can be hormone-disrupting:

    • Stress for a long time.
    • Depression and similar mental illnesses.
    • Menstruation.
    • Medicine.
    • Damp working environment or home environment.

    Products for oily hair

    (free from sulphate and silicone)

    How do you get rid of greasy scalp and hair?

    There are lots of products and good advice online about what to do if your hairstyle is in a mess. And it can be difficult to see which advice you should follow. Therefore, we have collected some of the best tips on how to avoid greasy hair. Experiment to find what works for you.

    8 good tips to avoid greasy hair

    1. Do not wash your hair more often than 2-3 times a week

    One of the most frequently asked questions about hair washing is how often should you wash your hair? Do you have to wash it every day? Every other day? Never? And there is no one right answer. It depends on your hair type and your lifestyle, but for most people 2-3 times is optimal.

    If you wash it more often, you remove the natural oils in the scalp. It can damage your hair growth and result in an overproduction of oils in the scalp. If, on the contrary, you wash too infrequently, sweat and dirt will also cause an oily scalp. So it is a balance.

    Do you exercise often? Then 2-3 hair washes per week may feel like infrequent. Here you can advantageously consider using a dry shampoo or washing your hair without shampoo. In this way, you can extend the time between hair washes a little longer.

    2. Choose a good shampoo for oily hair

    As mentioned earlier, the right hair products are alpha and omega for hair health. Therefore, it is important that you choose the best shampoo for oily hair . And here it is a good idea to look for nutritious ingredients such as:

    • Aloe vera
    • Rosemary
    • Camomile
    • Stinging nettle

    That's why we also use aloe vera in our Grow and Glow Shampoo against greasy hair. It adds the necessary moisture to the hair roots without leaving you with an oily and greasy scalp. And it results in shiny curls, a nice hairstyle and increased hair growth.  

    3. Only use conditioner on your ends

    Do you also use conditioner throughout your hair? Then you are making a huge mistake - especially if you suffer from greasy hair. Balsam works as a moisturizer for the hair. It adds moisture and nourishment, but if you use too much of it, it can also make the skin oily.

    Therefore, you should only use your conditioner on the ends of your hair if you have problems with greasy locks and a slapped hairstyle. Otherwise, the conditioner can help weigh your hair down instead of adding volume and shine.

    You can also invest in a conditioner that works against oily skin. And there our Grow and Glow conditioner is a good choice. In addition to providing moisture, nourishment and shine, it can help balance your scalp's microflora. And in this way you avoid an over- or under-production of the body's natural oils.

    4. Avoid the hair dryer as much as possible

    If you are in a hurry, the hair dryer is a hugely practical tool. It dries the hairstyle, it adds volume and can make styling easier. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages to the hair dryer. And one of these is that it can increase the risk of a greasy hairstyle.

    The hairdryer can help to dry out the hair. And as mentioned earlier, the lack of moisture and oil can result in a greasier scalp. Therefore, you should only use the hair dryer when absolutely necessary and otherwise let your locks air dry.

    Do you think air drying takes too long? Then you can have great pleasure from investing in a microfibre towel . It not only absorbs more water than a regular towel, but is also gentler. With us you can buy smart microfibre towels in several beautiful colours. And then it's even sewn, so it's easy to put on and stays on the head. Also when you run around the house, get dressed and put on make-up!

    Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair

    5. Wash your hair twice in the shower

    Few of us remember this in a busy everyday life, but you should actually wash your hair twice. The first hair wash removes dirt, grime and styling products from your scalp. With the second hair wash, the products penetrate and care for your scalp, so that it receives the right moisture and nourishment.

    Here it is also a good idea to use a scalp massage brush . It not only helps distribute hair products, but also increases blood flow and removes dandruff. And then it feels super nice and comfortable to slide it through the scalp!

    6. Avoid very hot water when you clean your hair in the shower

    Most people know that hot water can damage the skin, but did you know that it can also damage your hair? If you have oily hair, very hot water in the shower can make the problem worse.

    A better solution is to turn down the heat when you wash your hair. This will help protect your scalp and hair from the harmful effects of hot water.

    Beware of too hot baths

    7. Greasy hair & vinegar: Try using apple cider vinegar on your hair

    It may sound strange to put vinegar in your hair, but it's an old housewife trick that can sometimes work. Apple cider vinegar can clean the hair of product residues and grease and help restore the scalp's natural pH balance.

    It takes place in four easy steps:

    1. Add 250 ml of water and 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar to a spray bottle - shake it well.
    2. Spray the liquid into the hair after washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner - focus on the scalp.
    3. Massage it thoroughly into your scalp - and use your scalp massage brush.
    4. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly - make sure to get it all out.

    It's easy and fast, and it can actually have a surprisingly large and positive effect. And you don't have to worry about the smell - it disappears when your beautiful hair is dry again.

    8. Eat healthy and varied

    When it comes to keeping your hair and scalp healthy, what you eat is just as important as what you don't eat. A diet high in unhealthy fats and processed foods can lead to oiliness and other scalp problems.

    On the other hand, a healthy and varied diet is essential to maintain a normal scalp and hair. There are a few specific nutrients that are particularly important for keeping your scalp and hair normal. These include omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and biotin .

    A healthy and varied diet is good for your scalp

    Hairdresser's advice

    Here, hairdresser and salon owner Maja Haldborg gives you the best tips and tricks for oily hair. Check out her instagram here. 

    What are your best tips for oily hair?

    - Definitely my best advice is to be careful with excessive hair washing. When you wash your hair, you "degrease" your scalp, i.e. you remove your natural oil layer. Your body takes this as a signal to: I'm going to start producing more sebum (fat). Then you think: "Oh, it's time to wash it again! And voila, you're now in the vicious circle. Therefore, avoid daily hair washing. The optimum is 1-2 times a week. However, always remember to wash your hair twice with shampoo. The first time you wash, you remove dirt and grime and the second time the shampoo can work for exactly what you bought it for.

    Another good and very important tip is to never go to bed with wet hair. Your scalp can't get rid of the moisture and it can create a very stuffy environment on your scalp, which can also lead to fungus and itching. One more tip is to think about how often you run your fingers through your hair... have you ever thought about it? It makes sense to try to avoid it as much as possible. All the things you touch during the day can actually make your hair even more oily.

    If my hair gets greasy one day after washing it, what can I do?

    - If you're one of those people who suffer from oily hair ALSO right after washing your hair, there could be several factors at play. 1. your hormonal balance can have a huge impact on your skin and hair. You may be suffering from pco(s), stress, pregnancy, medication, etc. You are not alone and it is completely normal that your hair may seem different or greasy quickly. 2. Despite the above, you can still do your best to eat a varied diet & remember regular vitamins/supplements. Look into adding some vitamins/supplements to your daily routine if you know you struggle to eat a varied diet. 3. Look at your product choice. Maybe the shampoo you're using isn't working for your hair. It might be too heavy for your hair. When it comes to shampoo choice, it's important to look for a shampoo that: Preferably free of sulphates & silicone, has a mild formula that doesn't irritate the skin, contains nourishing ingredients and isn't too heavy.

    How to style your hair when you have an oily scalp

    Imagine you are busy. You are going to an important event and you want to look good. You look in the mirror and see that your hair roots are dark and greasy. You don't have time to take a shower. What do you do?

    It's every woman's nightmare scenario, and you're not the only one who's suddenly had to find a hat. But there are actually ways you can style your hair to hide the oiled look. And you can read about them here!

    Brush your hair thoroughly and use a dry shampoo

    If your hair is both tangled and greasy, it will never look good. Therefore, always start by brushing the straws well and thoroughly. And here you can benefit from using a good brush such as our Detangle Egg Brush . It is designed to get rid of even the worst hair knots - without wearing out the hair strands.

    Then you can spray the hair with a little dry shampoo. It's not ideal to use too often, but it's good to have for emergencies. Feel free to choose a variant without too much perfume or silicone, as this can contribute to the problem of greasy hair.

    Good brushes for the hair

    Choose a hairstyle that hides the hair roots

    Not all hairstyles are equally good at covering up an oily scalp. Loose hair is e.g. rarely a good idea if the scalp is oily. Consider one of the following hairstyles instead:

    • Tight, high ponytail: Brush the hair tightly back. Gather it in a high ponytail with a good elastic. Feel free to add a little oil to the tips if they look dry.
    • Braiding with a nice hair band: Like the ponytail, the braid is a good choice, as you gather the hair back and thus cover the scalp. Finish the look with a nice, colorful hair band. It will take the focus from the hair to the hair band.
    • Half loose, half in a bun: Take a third or half of your hair and put it up in a small bun. Let the rest of the locks hang loosely underneath. Like the braid and the ponytail, it will cover your scalp, and so it's a smart and modern look.
    • Hair clips and silk scarves: It can quickly feel awkward to walk around with a hat indoors, but the idea of ​​covering the hair is a good one. Therefore, use some nice hair clips or a patterned silk scarf instead. It has the same effect and you can match it to the rest of your outfit.

    Now you have read about the causes of oily hair. You know what you can do to avoid it. And you've got some tips on how to style it in an emergency. So hopefully you're all set to tackle your hair woes and head out into the world with healthy and shiny locks!

    Frequently asked questions about oily hair

    Can stress cause greasy hair?

    Yes, stress can cause greasy hair. When the body is stressed, it produces more sebum, which is an oily, waxy substance that coats the scalp and hair. This oil can accumulate on the scalp and in the hair shafts, leading to greasy hair. People with high stress levels may find that their hair becomes increasingly oily over time as the hormones triggered by anxiety increase sebum production and make it harder for natural oils to wash away. Other symptoms related to stress such as poor diet, lack of sleep or dehydration can also contribute to excessive adiposity. Additionally, when people are stressed, they may not take proper care of their hair, which can contribute to oil build-up. Regularly cleansing the scalp and using products designed for oily hair can help reduce the effects of excess sebum production caused by stress.

    Which shampoo should I use if I have oily hair?

    Fortunately, we have written a whole blog post about what you should pay attention to with your shampoo when you have oily hair. Read the blog post about shampoo for oily hair here.

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