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Hair bands for different hair types: What to choose?

by Lotte Lindgren on Jun 26, 2023

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Hairbands are the perfect accessory that can lift any hairstyle and complete any look. In this blog we will guide you through everything you need to know about hair bands, including how to style them and how to choose the right one. Read on to discover all the secrets behind this versatile hair accessory.

Table of contents

What are hair bands?

Hair ties are a styling accessory used to keep hair away from the face or as decoration. They can be narrow or wide and come in different colors and patterns. Headbands are popular with women of all ages and can be matched with an outfit to create a cohesive look.

Black wide headbands are ideal for formal occasions, while colorful and patterned headbands are more suitable for more casual events. In addition, hair bands can also be used during exercise to keep the strands of hair away from the face. Regardless of the style you're going for, hair bands allow you to experiment with different looks and styles in an easy way.

Different types of hair bands

Elastic hair bands, fabric-based hair bands and hair clips with attached clips are just some of the many different types of hair bands on the market. Whether you're a woman looking to keep her hair out of your face at the gym or simply want a stylish accessory for a night out, the right hair band can make all the difference. Here are more details on three popular types of hair bands:

  • Elastic Hair Bands: These stretchy and durable bands come in all kinds of colors and widths from narrow black elastics to wide pastel colored versions with flower cutouts.
  • Fabric-Based Hair Bands: These typically wider bands often have either a knot design or other decorative cutouts. They can be more comfortable than stretchy counterparts thanks to the soft texture.
  • Hair clips with attached barrettes: These exciting options combine two accessories in one by having both a clip hook and a bulge attached upwards along the length. This means that you can easily style your hair without the hassle of extra clips or curlers.

These options give you the freedom to find the perfect look for any occasion!

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What are the best materials to use for hair bands?

There are several different materials that can be used for hair bands, but the best materials depend on the purpose and style you want. If you want a headband for exercise or sports, an elastic material like spandex or nylon can be a good option. These materials are lightweight and stretch well, so they will keep your hair in place during activities.

If you want a more stylish headband for everyday use, materials such as cotton, silk or satin can be a good option. These materials are soft and comfortable to wear and can give a more polished look.

Finally, you can also consider materials such as leather or faux leather for a more trendy and edgy style. These materials can give a more unique and interesting look to your headband.

Whatever material you choose, it's important to make sure it's of high quality and durable enough to withstand repeated use and washing

Hair bands for different occasions

Flower headbands are perfect for summer parties. They add a touch of color and elegance while keeping hair away from the face in the heat. Especially floral headbands in different shades will look great on any skin tone.

Floral headbands add color and elegance to summer parties, while keeping hair away from the face in the heat.

For more formal events, consider beaded headbands that are both sophisticated and timeless. Black or wide pearl hairbands go well with an elegant dress or trouser suit and will add an extra zest to your look.

Sporty women will love practical headbands designed especially for training - ideal when all the effort is put into the exercise. There are several different models of sports headbands on the market that provide good support during intensive training without sliding down from the hairline.

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How to style the headband?

A hairband is a versatile accessory that can be used for all kinds of hairstyles. If you want a relaxed look, you can style it with loose hair and let a few tufts fall on the face. For a more formal occasion, you can pull your hair back tightly or put it up in a bun and place the hair band on top. It is also possible to use several hairbands at once to create a unique look.

If you want to combine your hair band with other accessories, you should choose jewelery in the same material as your hair band to create harmony in your look. A silver necklace or bracelet would be perfect for a silver hair band, while a pearl necklace would go well with a pearl white satin ribbon hair accessory. Be careful not to overdo the number of accessories - less is often more when it comes to styling your hair!

Using hair bands with different hairstyles

Hairbands are a versatile and stylish way to add an extra oomph to any hairstyle. To give your ponytail extra edge, you can place a thin hair band around the base of the ponytail for a simple yet elegant effect. If you want to create more interest in your braid, you can experiment with different placements of the thin hair band along the braid - this will also help hold any loose ends in place.

For those looking for a retro look, the wide headband is the perfect accessory! Place it over the top of your bangs and pull the rest of your hair up into a voluminous bun or pompadour for a vintage-inspired style. Wider headbands also work well as statement piece accessories and can be worn with simple hairstyles like loose hair or half-up hair - so the possibilities are endless!

Find more inspiration for hair styling here.

Combination of hair bands with accessories

Pair a pearl hair clip and necklace with a narrow black hair band to add elegance to your hairstyle. The pearls will give your look a classic feel, while the black headband creates balance in your look.

If you want to create a romantic style, you can add flowers or silk ribbon accessories. Use them either alone or in combination with a simple hair band to create a unique and feminine hairstyle.

To give your look an edge, you can choose metal or leather accessories. They will bring something raw to your hairstyle and are perfect for a more edgy style. Combine them with a wide black hair band for maximum effect on your look.

How to choose the right hair band?

When choosing the right hair band, it is important to take your hair type and desired style into account. A wide elastic hairband can be perfect for holding in place around the face and is ideal for an active lifestyle. On the other hand, a narrow hair band will give more volume at the roots and lift your hair, which is good for fine hair types.

Speaking of face shapes, oval faces have the opportunity to try almost any type of hair band. Round faces look best with a defined center parting and bangs, while square faces can benefit from softer shapes such as a bohemian-inspired hoop or a silk band at the nape of the neck to balance the features.

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Hair bands for different hair types

Soft hair bands for thick hair are the perfect solution to keep the thick locks away from the face. These headbands are soft and comfortable to wear, while keeping your hair in place all day long.

Narrow headbands with ties work well for fine hair. They allow you to adjust the size and tightness so you can get the perfect fit without the risk of slipping or discomfort.

Elastic hair ties with silicone grips are a must-have for curly hair. This type of hairband has a strong elastic that ensures it does not pull on your hair or damage your curls. The silicone grip also ensures that it stays put all day long - even during workouts or other activities where you normally experience problems with regular elastic bands slipping.

Hair bands for different face shapes

Wider headbands are the perfect choice for square faces as they help soften facial features. Slanted headbands and narrow hoop-based hair clips are best for round faces and create a slimming effect. Heart-shaped faces can boast a braided or decorated side headband that accentuates the cheekbones.

  • Wider headbands for square faces
  • Sloping headbands and narrow hoop-based hair clips for round faces
  • Braided or decorated side headband for heart-shaped faces


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