Hair styling in a hurry: Easy hairstyles for busy days

by Lotte Lindgren on May 21, 2023

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If you are a busy woman who wants to have healthy and strong hair without spending too much time on styling, then this guide to easy hairstyles is just for you. With these simple techniques, you can create different hairstyles in no time and still look amazing all day long. So let's get started creating the perfect hairstyles for your busy day!

Table of contents

Guide: Easy hairstyles for a busy day

Hair updos can be easier to do than you think. With the right products and tools, you can create beautiful hairstyles in a short time that are perfect for a busy everyday life. Whether you have long or short hair, there is plenty of inspiration to be found for updos.

A quick and simple way to style your hair in everyday life is to make a classic ponytail. Use an elastic band or scrunchie to hold the hair together, and spray some texturizing spray at the top for extra volume. If you want more variety, try braids or a simple bun for those mornings when time is tight - it still looks like you put a lot of work into your hairstyle!

What tools do you need to make a hairdo?

There are various tools that can be useful when you want to make a hairdo. Here are some of the most common tools that can be useful to have on hand:

1. Hairbrush: A hairbrush is an important tool for combing the hair and removing any knots and tangles. It is recommended to use a brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the hair. Here we can definitely recommend our Curved Paddle Brush, which with its gentle and soft boar bristles, ensures an easy and comfortable ride through the hair.

2. Hair elastics: Hair elastics are indispensable when it comes to creating different hairstyles. They are used to gather the hair in a ponytail, buns or braids. Make sure you have elastics in different sizes to be able to adjust them to your hair length and thickness.

3. Hairpins: Hairpins are necessary when you want to fix and secure the hair in a certain position. They can be used to create structured hairstyles such as buns and parted hair. Make sure you have bobby pins of different sizes and colors so that they can be matched with your hair color and hairstyle.

4. Hair barrette: An elegant hair barrette can be a fantastic tool for creating beautiful and exclusive hairstyles. Hair clips are often used as a quick and easy solution to spice up simple hairstyles and hairstyles.

5. Hair clips: Hair clips have become wildly popular in the past few years. This is due to the versatility they can often be styled with and the many variations there are. They can also be used in both simple and complex hairstyles.

6. Styling products: Styling products such as texture sprays, hair sprays and serums can be helpful in creating and maintaining hairstyles. Texture sprays can add volume and texture to the hair, while hair sprays can help keep the hairstyle in place throughout the day. Serum can be used to add shine and smoothness to the hair.

1. Create a quick ponytail

How to easily make a beautiful ponytail for everyday life or parties.

1. Tailor your ponytail with different positions - try placing your ponytail higher or lower on the back of your head for a varied look.

  • Use a scarf to tie around the elastic for added finesse.
  • Play with textures using a curling iron or straightener before creating your ponytail.

A nice and quick ponytail can be an ideal choice for both everyday life and festive events. Here are some more variations you can try:

2. Sleek and smooth ponytail: Start by straightening your hair with a straightener, remember heat protection spray! Then gather the hair into a tight ponytail at the nape of the neck. Use a small amount of serum to control any flyaways and make the ponytail smooth and shiny.

3. High ponytail with volume: To create extra volume and fullness to your ponytail, you can first use a texture spray or dry shampoo on the roots. Then, gather the hair into a high ponytail on the top of the head and tighten it well. Use your fingers or a comb to loosen hair slightly at the roots to create volume.

4. Braided Ponytails: Add a twist to your ponytail by creating a braid. You can choose to make a single braid down the ponytail or make several small braids along the ponytail for a more complex look. Start by making the ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then divide the hair into sections and braid each section before securing with a small elastic. Repeat the process for each section of hair until the entire ponytail is braided.

A simple and elegant setup that is perfect for any occasion. Then it's just a matter of experimenting with your own variations and finding the style that suits you best!


2. Braids for everyday and parties

Learn how to braid different types of braids to create beautiful hairstyles for everyday and party wear. Try French braids, fishtail braids and Dutch braids for easy variations on your hair style. You can also experiment with the placement of your braids, such as side braids or a half updo with built-in braids. Read our big guide to braids here.

For a more festive look, you can add colorful ribbons or flowers to your braids - it's a simple way to spice up your outfit! Whether you have short or long hair, these beautiful hairstyles will give you plenty of inspiration for your next stylish look.


3. Simple bun for busy mornings

Take two sections from the top of your scalp on each side and tie them together at the back of your head in a knot. This simple bun is perfect for busy mornings when time is a luxury. Add volume using texturizing spray before pulling it all into a knot. For an extra touch, you can also play with different materials such as silk ribbons or leather pieces to dress up and create beautiful hairstyles even on the most hectic days.

simpel knold til håret

4. Half updo for a relaxed style

An easy way to create a relaxed style is by doing a half updo. You can either take the top of your hair and tie it up in a small bun or use a few bobby pins to pin it up at the back. It doesn't require a lot of time or products, but still gives a beautiful result.

If you want inspiration for different variations of half-ups, you can search online for pictures or videos. There are many different techniques and styles, so you can find something to suit both short and long hair and any occasion.

5. Using accessories to spice up the look

Using accessories to spice up the look:

  • Use a hair clip with pearls or flowers for a romantic look.
  • Add a colorful scarf around your head for a boho vibe.
  • Play with different hair combs, clips and slides to find the perfect combination.

Using the right hair accessories can give any style that extra touch of beauty. A simple hairdo can be transformed into something beautiful just by adding small details like a scarf or a cute hair clip. With a little inspiration and creativity, you'll soon be able to create beautiful hairstyles in no time!

Among other things, you can see our tiktok profile for many different inspiration videos for your hairstyles. See our tiktok here.

Hairstyles for thin hair

Are you looking for the perfect hairstyle for thin hair? Then we have a few options for you to consider.

  • Ponytail with hair clip: A clever trick is to divide your ponytail into 2 parts, so you have an inner and outer ponytail. Then add a hair clip to the inner ponytail to create more volume. This will make your hair appear more voluminous.

    • Smart twisted bun with a hair clip: This one is a little trickier, but it's a really popular hairstyle for thin hair on social media.The hairstyle involves gathering your hair into a ponytail, then using your finger to twist your hair into a bun and securing it with a hair clip. There's also a guide here.

    Hairstyles for medium length hair

    Now we're going to take a look at hairstyles for medium length hair. When you have medium length hair, it opens up a lot more styling options. We have selected a few hairstyles we think are great here.

    • Braid crown with loose hair: This hairstyle is truly magical! You start by making 2 braids on each side and then connect them with an elastic band. From here, you just slip it over and let the loose hair fall out over the crown. This helps keep the hair in place and creates a really nice look. Here's the guide

    • Volume ponytail: This hairstyle has gone viral on social media! It's both gentle and really pretty. You start by dividing your hair into 3 sections, 2 sections on the sides and a large one in the centre. Then you twist the 2 sections on the sides and gather it in the centre with an elastic. Then make a small twist in it and pass the large section through the hole that remains. Now you should have a beautiful ponytail with lots of volume. Here is the guide:

    Are there any hidden tips or tricks for creating a great hairstyle?

    When it comes to creating a good hairstyle, there are some hidden tips and tricks that can make a big difference. Here are some of them that you can try:

    1. Preparation is key: Before you begin the hair setup, make sure you have everything you need on hand. This includes bobby pins, hair bands, bobby pins and styling products. It's also a good idea to brush and degrease your hair so it's ready for styling.

    2. Use bobby pins correctly: When using bobby pins to secure your hairdo, look for the hidden tricks to make them last better. One trick is to insert the bobby pin against the direction of hair growth and then twist it to lock the hair in place. You can also try crossing the hairpins to create a more stable hold.

    3. Add texture: Hairstyles often look better when there is texture in the hair. This can be achieved in several ways. You can curl or wave your hair before styling to add volume and movement. You can also use texture spray or hair wax to create more grip and structure in the hair.

    4. Take your time: A good hairstyle requires patience and precision. Take your time to position and pin each step of the hair setup. Use the mirror to check that everything fits as desired and correct any loose hairs or unevenness.

    5. Use bobby pins in an invisible way: When using bobby pins to secure your hairdo, it's important to make them as invisible as possible. Make sure to place the bobby pins in the hair so that they are not visible from the outside. You can also cover them with a thin layer of hair to hide them completely.

    6. Use styling products: If you want your hairstyle to last all day, you need to use the right styling products. A light hairspray or styling gel can help keep the hair in place and prevent it from falling out of the hairdo. Use the products sparingly to avoid hair becoming heavy or stiff.

    7. Be creative: When it comes to hairstyles, there are no rules, only creativity. Dare to experiment with different techniques and styles. Try braids, twists or updos to create unique and interesting looks.

    8. Practice: As with any skill, you get better with practice. Take the time to try different hairstyles and techniques to become more familiar with them. The more you practice, the easier and faster it will be to create beautiful hairstyles.

    Is it easy to do a hairstye?

    It depends on what hairstyle you want to do. Some are very simple and only require a few bobby pins, while others are more advanced and require more time and skill. But with a little practice and patience, most people can learn how to do a basic hairdo. There are many tutorials and step-by-step guides available online that can help you master different techniques and styles. So take it easy, have fun and practice - soon you'll be able to create beautiful hairdos in no time!

    Can I do a hairstyle without using combs and other styling equipment?

    Yes, you absolutely can! There are many ways to do a hairdo without using combs and styling equipment. A simple and effective method is to use your hands to shape and style your hair. You can also use elastics, bobby pins and hair clips to keep your hair in place. There are also many videos and tutorials online that show creative and unique ways to style your hair without the use of combs and styling equipment. Try experimenting with different techniques and see what works best for your hair type and length. Remember to care for your hair with regular hair treatments and avoid using too many styling products to maintain healthy and strong hair.

    How can I give my hairstyle a more exclusive look?

    There are many small things you can do to give your hairstyle a more exclusive look. Here are some tips that might be helpful:

    1. Use quality products: It's hard to get an exclusive look if your hair looks dry and worn. Invest in quality products that are created to care for and protect your hair.

    2. Add texture: Use a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo to add volume and texture to your hair. It will give your hairstyle a more interesting look and make it more interesting to look at.

    3. Try different techniques: If you've always had the same hairstyle, try experimenting with different techniques and styles. Try braids, curls or a tight bun to give your hairdo a more exclusive look.

    4. Add accessories: Simple accessories like a barrette or clip can add an extra touch of elegance to your hairstyle.


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