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A guide to hair gel: What you need to know

by Lotte Lindgren on Jun 10, 2023

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Hair gel is a popular styling product to hold in place and define different hairstyles. But with so many types of hair gel, it can be difficult to find the right one for your hair type and desired style. In this guide, we will give you everything you need to know about different types of hair gel, how to choose the right one, and tips for use. Read on to achieve a brilliant result!

Table of contents

What is hair gel?

A hair gel or gel is a styling product used to tame and shape hair. This jelly can have different levels of hold, allowing for everything from light control to stronger holds. The hair gel can also give the hair shine and texture.

Hair gel can add shine and texture to your hair while taming and shaping it.

Hair gel is usually made with ingredients such as water, alcohol and thickeners such as gum arabic or cellulose gum. Some gels also contain conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera or vitamins to protect the hair strands from damage after styling. Overall, hair gel can be an effective product for hairstyling different hairstyles with varying degrees of durability and shine.

A brief history of hair gel

Hair gel was invented in the early 1900s and was originally made from animal fats, oils and waxes. Today, most manufacturers use synthetic polymers to create the durability and styling. The popularity of hair gel has changed over the years, from the matte look of the 1920s to the glossier look of today.

The earliest hair gel formulations included ingredients such as petroleum jelly, beeswax and lanolin to provide strong hold. Over time, the technology has become more advanced with the introduction of synthetic materials such as acrylates and polyvinylpyrrolidone, giving greater control over the styling result.

Today, many still choose hair gel as their preferred styling product due to its versatility and ability to create different hairstyles with varying degrees of durability.

How does hair gel work?

Different types of hair gel offer different holds. Some gel types provide a soft hold and glossy look, while others can keep even the most demanding hairstyles in place all day. For example, a light styling gel is ideal for creating a natural look, while a stronger gel with maximum hold will be needed for more complex hairstyles.

If you need to soften the stiffness of your hair gel, there are certain products that you can combine it with to achieve the desired effect. A good way to do this is by adding a little water or oil to the gel. This will reduce its stiffness and give your hair more flexibility.

Although hair gel can be helpful in the styling process and allow you to achieve the desired look, overuse or abuse of the product should be avoided. Over use of hair gels can lead to damage to your hair over time and result in weak strands as well as dry hair or itchy scalp.

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Different types of hair gel

Light hold hair gel is perfect for those who want a more natural look. This type of gel is ideal for shorter hair or for those with fine hair as it does not weigh the hair down. Light hold hair gel also allows you to style your hair several times during the day without it becoming stiff.

Medium hold hair gel works well for both shorter and longer hair types. This gel will give your hair structure and volume while still allowing you to maintain a natural feel in your hair. It is a versatile gel suitable for most hairstyles and occasions.

Light hold hair gel

Get volume and texture with light hold hair gel. Light hold hair gel can give you the perfect amount of volume and texture without weighing your hair down or making it stiff. For optimal results, we recommend that you follow these simple steps:

  • Apply a small amount of gel to damp or dry hair
  • Spread the gel evenly throughout the hair using your fingers
  • Style your hair as desired

Add shine to your hair with light hold gel. Do you want a healthy looking shiny look? Then a light hold jelly is the solution for you! Here are some tips on how to get the right shine:

  • Use only small amounts of the gel, too much will look greasy.
  • Away from the roots! Concentrate on the lengths and ends.

How to prevent your hair from looking greasy with light hold gel. If your biggest fear is that your gel will make your fine locks look greasy, we have tips for that too!

  • Look for products specially designed for fine/Scandinavian hair
  • Try using dry shampoo before applying your favorite hair gel

Medium hold hair gel

Achieve a natural but still firm hairstyle with medium hold gel. Medium hold hair gel is the perfect choice for those who want a softer finish than strong hold gel, but still want a reliable hair styling option. With medium hold gel, you can create a natural look in your hair and at the same time protect against unwanted flyaways throughout the day.

Give your hairstyle a lift all day with medium hold gel. If you need to refresh your hairstyle throughout the day or evening without having to wash your hair again, then medium hold hair gel is the right solution for you. The gel's flexible formula enables you to shape your hair as desired and keep it in place until the next wash - without any sticky or heavy sensations in the hair.

Ensure a flexible styling option with medium hold gel. One of the biggest advantages of medium-hold gel is its versatility: whether you want to create a simple everyday look or something more festive, this type of gel gives you the freedom to style and restyle as needed - all the while maintaining control over the result thanks to its medium strength..

Strong hold hair gel

Achieve extreme strength in your hairstyle in no time with our strong hold hair gel. This gel is ideal for even the most demanding hairstyles and can fix your hair all day. But remember to follow these tips to avoid damage to the hair: use only a small amount, avoid rubbing the jelly directly on the scalp and always wash the product thoroughly from the hair before going to bed. With our strong holding hair gel, you can get an impressive result without compromising on the health of your hair.

How to choose the right hair gel?

When choosing the right hair gel, it is important to take your hair type and desired styling into account. If you have short hair, a matte gel can be ideal to create texture and volume. For longer hair, a glossy gel can give a more polished look and help tame frizz.

It is also important to check the ingredients of the gel for any allergens or ingredients that do not suit your needs. For example, some gels may contain alcohol or silicone, which can dry out the hair over time. It is always best to read labels carefully or seek advice from a professional stylist before purchasing your next hair gel.

Hair type and length

When it comes to curly hair, choosing the right gel is important. A lightweight formula works best to avoid frizz while giving curls definition and movement. Choose a gel with moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, argan oil or jojoba oil to maintain the health of your hair.

Short, frizzy hair needs a stronger hold using a firmer gel type. A texturized formula can also help highlight the layers of your cropped hair. Research the different types of gels on the market and find one that suits your desired style.

Fine hair requires extra care when choosing your styling gel as some products can make the hair look flat and thin even more. Avoid heavy gels Focus instead on volumizing gels or mousses, which give volume without effort - then further damage to the hair is avoided!

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Desired styling

Sleek look:

A smooth hairstyle can be achieved with different types of hair gel, but some are more suitable than others. To achieve the desired effect, look for a gel with strong hold and the ability to tame flyaways.

The ingredients in the gels also play a role in their properties. Polymers are known for their ability to provide durability, while silicone gives the hair a shiny appearance.

Beach waves:

Do you want the perfect "beachy" look? Make sure you don't end up with a head full of sand! A gel will help you manage your hair without flakes or frizz.

The best choice for this look would be a gel that provides texture and volume while still staying in place all day long. For extra volume, consider a formula containing hydrolyzed keratin or proteins.

Voluminous locks:

A full result requires gels that have ingredients such as film formers and humectants (moisturizing agents), as they increase the hair's fullness and elasticity.

You should also choose products free of alcohol, as alcohol often dries out the hair and can lead to damage in the long term. You can often consider, if you have curly hair or want it, to look for products that live up to the Curly Girl method.

Ingredients and allergies

Free alternatives are available for those who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies. These alternative products do not contain the common ingredients that can irritate the skin or trigger an allergic reaction. So if you want strong and healthy hair without having to worry about side effects, try switching to a "free from" product.

It is important to find pure ingredients in your hair gel that will not harm your health or the environment. Avoid ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Instead, choose products with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and argan oil - these will nourish your hair while keeping it in shape all day long.

For effective hair growth and a healthy scalp, you must avoid certain ingredients in your styling products - especially when it comes to hair gel! For example, you should avoid alcohol-based gels and silicones, as these can dry out the hair over time. Use only light hold gels made from moisturizing oils for the best balance between stylish hairstyle and well-groomed locks!

How to use hair gel

To get the best results from your hair gel, there are a few things you should take into consideration. First of all, it is important to prepare your hair by washing it thoroughly and letting it dry naturally or with a hairdryer on low heat. Then you can apply a small amount of hair gel, depending on the desired hold and shine.

After applying the gel, you can style the hair as desired using your fingers or a comb. However, remember not to overload the hair with the product, as this can create unwanted stiffness and lumps in the hair. Use only the required amount of gel for styling your hair for optimal results.

Preparation of the hair

Preparation of the hair is important to achieve the best result with your hair gel. Start by washing your hair and gently drying it with a towel. You can then brush or comb your hair to remove any knots, so that the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair. If you plan to use heat styling tools, it's a good idea to use a heat protectant spray before applying the hair gel. This will protect your hair from heat damage and maintain its health and shine.

Remember that the way you prepare your hair has a big influence on the effect of the chosen hair gel. So take the time for proper care and treatment before styling!

Application of hair gel

Start with a small amount of gel in the palm of your hand and work up as needed. This will ensure that you avoid applying too much gel at once. Distribute the gel evenly throughout the hair using your fingers or a comb. It is important to ensure that the gel is distributed uniformly so that it gives a glossy look to your hair. However, avoid applying too much gel as this can make your hair look greasy and lose its natural movement and volume.

Styling the hair

Use a blow dryer to style your hair after applying the gel for added durability. To achieve the desired style and keep the shape of the hairstyle throughout the day, you can use a blow dryer after applying the gel.

For a more natural look, you can let your hair air dry. If you prefer a more relaxed and natural style, let the hair air dry without using heat or styling tools.

Use only a little gel on the tips for styling. When it comes to styling with hair gel, less is often more. Apply only a little gel to the tips to create the desired hairstyle and avoid overloading with the product.

  • Use a blow dryer for added durability
  • Let the hair air dry for a more natural look
  • Just use a little gel on the tips when styling

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