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Volume shampoo: How to add volume to fine hair

by Lotte Lindgren on Sep 18, 2023

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Welcome to our blog! Today we're going to talk about how you can add volume to your fine hair using volume shampoo. We'll guide you through understanding fine hair and introduce you to volume shampoo and give you tips on how to use it correctly. In addition, we'll also share other products and techniques that can help create fullness in your hair. So read on to achieve the volume you want!

Table of contents

Understanding fine hair

Volume shampoo is an effective way to add more volume and structure to fine hair.

Fine hair can be challenging to style as it often lacks volume and fullness. An effective way to add more volume to your fine hair is by using a volume shampoo. This type of shampoo is specially formulated to give thin hair more volume and structure. By regularly using a volume shampoo, you can achieve a fuller look and create more movement in the hair.

Types of fine hair

Thin and straight hair requires a specific approach to give it more volume. Use a volume shampoo that is formulated to lift and create volume in the hair. Avoid heavy products as they can weigh hair down.

Fine and curly hair needs care that defines and controls curls without weighing them down. Choose a shampoo specially designed for fine hair with waves or curls. It will help maintain elasticity and reduce frizz.

Fine and damaged hair needs extra care to avoid further damage. Use a gentle shampoo designed for dry or damaged hair that nourishes while rebuilding strength in the hair.

Challenges with fine hair

Lack of fullness and volume is a common challenge with fine hair. To add more volume, you can try a volume shampoo that gives the hair more body and thickness. By using this type of shampoo regularly, you can get a fuller look.

Quick greasy appearance is also a problem for many with fine hair. Using a lightweight shampoo specially designed for fine hair can help reduce the rapid build-up of oil in the hair. Wash your hair regularly with this type of shampoo to achieve a fresh and less greasy look.

It can be difficult to style and keep in place when you have fine hair. Using styling products such as mousse, curling cream or hairspray that are specially formulated for fine hair can provide extra hold without weighing the hair down. Also try different styling techniques such as curls or updos to create volume and maintain your hairstyle throughout the day.

What is volume shampoo?

Volume shampoo is a special type of shampoo designed to give extra fullness and volume to fine hair. It works by lifting the hair from the roots and creating more texture and thickness. Volume shampoos typically contain ingredients that strengthen the hair's structure and give it a fuller appearance. Some of the ingredients you should look for in a volume shampoo include panthenol, keratin and silicone-free shampoos. With regular use, volume shampoo can help create a fuller look for your fine hair.

How does it work?

The technology behind volume shampoo is based on a unique formula that helps lift and volumize fine hair. By using special ingredients, volume shampoo works to create fullness and thickness in the hair, while providing a long-lasting result.

The effect of volume shampoo on the hair is impressive. The specially designed formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft and builds an invisible support structure that increases volume without weighing the hair down. The result is visibly fuller and more vibrant hair.

This is how volume shampoo works to create volume in fine hair: The light texture of the shampoo allows the product to spread easily through the hair. Ingredients such as panthenol and proteins for the hair enter each individual strand, where they add moisture and strength. This results in lift at the roots as well as extra fullness along the lengths of the hair - perfect for those with fine hair who want more volume!

Ingredients to look for

Collagen is an important ingredient in volume shampoo, as it contributes to increasing the hair's volume and strength. Proteins and amino acids are also essential to strengthen the hair and give it volume. Plant extracts such as rosemary, chamomile and bamboo can promote both volume and texture in fine hair. When looking for a volume shampoo, there are several ingredients that you should look for in order to achieve the best results for your fine hair. Below is a list of ingredients that can help create volume and strength in hair:

1. Panthenol: Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is an amazing ingredient that adds moisture to the hair and makes it more resistant. It helps to strengthen the hair strands and make them fuller.

2. Keratin: Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair. It can help rebuild and strengthen the hair, while adding fullness and volume.

3. Silicone-free formulas: Silicone is an ingredient often found in many hair products, but it can have a heavy effect on fine hair. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a volume shampoo with a silicone-free formula to avoid weighing the hair down.

4. Collagen: Collagen is an important ingredient in volume shampoo, as it helps to increase the hair's volume and strength. It is a protein-based ingredient that can make hair fuller and fuller.

5. Plant extracts: Plant extracts such as rosemary, chamomile and bamboo can promote both volume and texture in fine hair. These natural ingredients can nourish the hair and give it a healthy appearance, while improving volume and fullness.

6. Proteins and amino acids: Proteins and amino acids are essential to strengthen the hair and give it volume. These ingredients can help rebuild hair and make it more resistant to damage.

When choosing a volume shampoo for fine hair, it is important to look for these ingredients to achieve the best results. A good volume shampoo can help lift and volumize fine hair, while adding moisture, strength and fullness.

Among other things, you can try our Grow and Glow shampoo, which gives good volume to your hair.

How to use volume shampoo correctly

1. Choose a volume shampoo that suits your hair type and needs.

2. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and gently massage into the scalp.

3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove all product residue.

4. Use a light conditioner or conditioner as needed to maintain hair volume.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Avoid rubbing your hair too much during washing as this can lead to damage and loss of volume.
  • Try to avoid heavy styling products that can weigh the hair down after using volume shampoo.
  • For extra volume, try drying your hair with a diffuser head or using roller brushes.

With these simple steps and tips, you will be able to achieve beautiful volume in fine hair using volume shampoo.

Tips & Tricks

Avoid using too much shampoo as it can weigh the hair down. Try using volume conditioner after the shampoo treatment. Blow dry hair upside down for extra volume.

Other volumizing products and techniques

Volume spray

Choosing the right volume spray is crucial to achieving the desired result. Choose a spray that is designed for fine hair and that gives extra fullness and volume. Avoid heavy or greasy sprays, as these can weigh the hair down.

Application techniques for volume spray:

  • Spray the product evenly throughout the hair from root to tip
  • Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to distribute the spray thoroughly in the hair
  • Focus especially on the roots, where you want the most volume

Avoid overloading the hair with volume spray:

  • Apply only the required amount of product, more is not always better
  • Avoid using the spray daily to avoid accumulation of product residues in the hair
  • Wash your hair regularly to remove excess product and keep it healthy

Root lifting techniques

Using a comb or brush to lift the roots:

  • Use a comb or brush with fine teeth to lift the roots and create volume at the roots.

Toupéing methods for extra volume at the roots:

  • Gently toupee the hair near the scalp to create extra fullness and volume at the roots.

Preparation and finishing of root lifting techniques:

  • Be sure to wash and dry your hair well before applying root lifting products, then use a long-lasting styling product to finish.

Volume pillows

The right choice of volume cushion depends on your hair type and the desired result. A round brush pad is ideal for creating lift and volume at the roots, while a texture pad can add fullness and structure to the lengths.

When applying a volume cushion to fine hair, start by applying the product at the roots and work it gently into the hair. Then use your fingers to massage the pad towards the tips for optimal volume effect. Remember to also lightly toupe at the roots for extra volume.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a volume pillow. The advantages include increased height, fullness and volume, while the disadvantages can be the degree of difficulty in achieving natural movement as well as the risk of overload or stickiness if the product is not used correctly.

Precautions and side effects

Avoid overwashing: When using volume shampoo, it is important to avoid washing your hair too much. Over-washing can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Therefore, only use volume shampoo once or twice a week to maintain the right balance.

Possible side effects: Although volume shampoos are designed to give fuller hair, some people may experience certain side effects. These may include dry scalp, itching or irritation. If you experience these symptoms, it is recommended to stop using the volume shampoo and consult a dermatologist for further advice.

    Make your hair fuller with volume shampoo

    Make your hair look fuller with volume shampoo. This specially formulated shampoo is designed to give thin and fine hair more volume. Use it regularly to achieve a lifting result that leaves you with impressive volume and movement in your hair.

    Benefits of volume shampoo

    Increased volume and fullness: Volume shampoo is specially designed to give your hair increased volume and fullness. The light formula lifts the hair at the roots, creating a beautiful and full effect.

    Reduces heaviness in fine hair: Volume shampoo reduces heaviness in fine hair so that it does not appear flat or weighed down. With regular use, your fine hair will feel lighter and airier.

    Gives a boost to the hair roots: With its unique formulation, volume shampoo gives a natural boost to your hair roots. This helps to create more volume and fullness from the very root of your hair.

    How to take care of your hair best

    Use only a small amount of volume shampoo to avoid weighing hair down. Gently massage the shampoo into the hair and at the same time create good circulation in the scalp. Rinse thoroughly to avoid residues that can make hair heavy and greasy.

    Is volume shampoo better than regular shampoo?

    When it comes to choosing the right shampoo for your needs, it can be difficult to decide whether volume shampoo is better than regular shampoo. It depends on the specific needs of your hair type and your wishes for the result.

    Volume shampoo claims to give hair more body and volume, which can be ideal for those with fine or thin hair. This type of shampoo often contains ingredients that help lift the hair at the roots and create the illusion of thicker hair. In addition, it can also help reduce oil and build-up, resulting in more bouncy and light hair.

    On the other hand, regular shampoo may be more suitable for those with normal or thick hair who do not need extra volume. Regular shampoo is designed to clean the hair and scalp without adding extra volume or weight. It can be gentler and gentler on the hair, which is ideal for those with colored or damaged hair.

    Is volume shampoo good for frizzy hair?

    Volume shampoo can be an effective solution for managing frizzy hair. Frizzy hair often occurs due to dryness and lack of moisture in the hair. Volume shampoo is designed to add fullness and volume to the hair, but it can also help control and reduce frizz.

    Many volume shampoos contain ingredients that moisturize and leave it smooth and silky. These ingredients can help reduce frizz and make hair more manageable. In addition, volume shampoo can give extra structure and volume to the hair, which can help tame frizz and make it smoother and more supple.

    It is important to choose a volume shampoo that is specially formulated for frizzy hair. These shampoos often contain extra moisturizing ingredients, such as argan oil or shea butter, to help condition and hydrate the hair.

    It is also important to keep in mind that volume shampoo alone will not necessarily solve all problems with frizzy hair. It can be a good idea to combine the use of volume shampoo with other products and techniques designed to fight frizz and improve the structure and appearance of the hair. This can include using a moisturizing conditioner or hair mask, using a wide-toothed comb to comb the hair gently, and avoiding using heat styling tools that can dry out the hair and cause more frizz.

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